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Customizable mattresses from Palma Sleep, make finding your ideal comfort level less of a needle-in-the-haystack search.

SHOPPING FOR a new mattress is, for many, a Goldilocks-like adventure: You head into a showroom to briefly lie on various models, before concluding about each. “This one is too hard,” you might say. “And this one is too soft.” Though Goldilocks found her happy medium after just two tries, the rest of us are rarely so lucky, flopping down again and again in search of our ideal.

But Palma Sleep is attempting to let you bypass the needle-in-a-haystack search. Our products can be customized to your body type and favorite sleep position. Palma Sleep uses a unique system that allows many different comfort layers to be in the same mattress. By using Palma Sleep’s X3 Mattress system to get real time pressure points on your body, we can determine the perfect comfort level for you to recharge and restore your body while you sleep.

Not to be confused with mechanically controlled, articulated frames, these mattresses are ready to be placed right on your four poster, minimalist platform or vintage sleigh bed. All the customization happens on the inside, you can tweak the feel in the future by rearrangeable Organic latex.

Why go to such lengths? One reason, is that a single mattress is often imperfectly suited to two people. Among Palma Sleep’s customers, 73% of women are side sleepers whereas only 52% of men are. By going the custom route, you can make each side different.


For Tailored-to-You Convenience: Palma Sleep

Buying a mattress from Palma Sleep begins with you setting up an in-home appointment.

Palma Sleep then confirm an appointment time and will bring a customizable mattress to your home. You will first lay down and while using the X3 mattress system you will be able to see all your pressure points in real time. We will then customize the firmness and the order of various Organic latex layers, to give you the perfect feel that will result in less pressure points on your body while keeping proper postural alignment. Your custom mattress will then be assembled at the company’s factory in Florida. If a couple’s needs are similar, Palma Sleep will recommend a mattress with “blended” characteristics, based on their body profile and pressure point profile. Palma Sleep will also customize each side of the mattress and it will be tailored to its occupant’s exact specifications.

Because even a perfectly customized bed can become uncomfortable in the event of a change to your body (like an injury or pregnancy), Palma Sleep gives you a cleverly low-tech way to change how your mattress supports you. Unzip the cover and you’ll find layers of Organic latex. The latex will be labeled firm; medium; soft; extra soft based on your specific model.

When you order a Palma Sleep mattress in a soft, medium or firm configuration, the assortment of the latex will vary depending on your model; the arrangement of the latex is what changes how the bed feels.


For Real-Time Response: Palma Sleep Customer

When we first laid down on the Palma Sleep mattress, it felt like any other reasonably comfortable mattress. But a look at the tablet on the X3 mattress system that showed trouble brewing. On the screen, a real-time display generated a body profile, with larger, brighter circles indicating pressure hot spots. (Roll to your side, and you’ll see the area around your hips and shoulders bloom.) The information sent to the tablet comes from a pressure-sensing sheet on top of the mattress.