Organic Latex Mattress Fort Myers

organic mattress fort myersBetween the Southwest Florida International Airport and the winter estates of Henry Ford and Thomas Edison, the Florida city of Ft. Myers is always full of visitors. The Boston Red Sox once had their spring training program here, and the historic downtown area provides entertainment along the waterfront for both visitors and local residents. Southern Technical College, Hodges University, and Nova Southeastern University all add to the cultural and educational importance of the area. Residents and visitors to Ft. Myers are busy, and when they take a break, they need to be well rested. This is why natural latex mattresses in Ft. Myers are so important. Palma Sleep has the high-quality organic mattresses that let you get the best night of sleep in your life.

There are several factors that make Palma Sleep’s organic latex mattresses among the best on the market:

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  • Fully customizable. Whether you sleep alone or regularly share your bed with someone, your bed needs to fit your specific sleep needs. Most mattresses are designed for averages, but people aren’t averages. When you share your mattress, you may feel like you’re always compromising; no one ever gets a good night’s sleep. With Palma Sleep’s layered mattresses, each layer can be repositioned to dramatically change the feel and support of the mattress; this gives everyone the sleep they need. Our mattresses do this without uncomfortable bars other noticeable hardware in your sleeping surface.
  • Completely organic. Our latex is pure latex rubber, with no fillers or other byproducts. Your bed should be an oasis where you can rest and relax, and you can’t do that if you’re worried about potentially carcinogenic chemicals in your sleeping space. Our latex is also drawn from sustainable sources that are certified organic.
  • Adaptable over time. As time passes, your sleeping needs change. You might become pregnant, for example, or start regularly sharing your sleeping space. You could be injured, or need to change your sleeping position due to sleep apnea or another sleep disorder. Buying a new mattress for a short term need is impractical, but having the incorrect sleep surface can make injuries heal more slowly – or cause new ones. Palma Sleep’s mattresses provide real-time pressure data so that you can find out when your sleep surface is no longer meeting your needs. You can adjust and reposition the mattress’s layers to make sure you’re getting the best sleep possible.

You don’t have to worry about coming to an uncomfortable showroom to check out the natural latex mattresses from Palma Sleep. Ft. Myers customers can schedule a showing at their home, trying out a mattress in their own space. This helps you relax and settle in, knowing that the mattress will work for you over time.

Want to find out how much an organic latex mattress from Palma Sleep can change your life for the better? Contact us today at 888-510-4485 to schedule a showing.