Organic Latex Mattress Orlando

organic mattress orlandoFrom Walt Disney World to Universal Studios, the Florida city of Orlando is always busy. Though the city is world famous for its theme parks, it is also becoming a more popular destination for business conferences and trade shows. Orlando is estimated to bring in more than 60 million tourists a year, and also has one of the biggest metro areas in the state. Orlando is always on the move, which means that when people in Orlando need to sleep, they need to wake up well rested and relaxed. It takes a special sort of mattress to make that happen day after day; this is where Palma Sleep and our natural latex mattresses come into play. Orlando customers looking for a good night’s sleep should start here.

There are specific features that make Palma Sleep’s mattresses particularly special.

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  • • Customization. No two people need the same mattress. This is the biggest problem with mattresses you buy off the average sales floor. There are differences between one model and another, but you’re still choosing a mattress designed for an average. With the latex mattresses at Palma Sleep, we use real-time pressure data to design the right levels and layers of comfort for you and your sleep needs.
  • • Sleep needs change over time. If you injure a joint, for example, or you need to change your sleep positioning because of sleep apnea, how your body needs to be supported will change. Buying a new mattress every time you have a change to your body is impractical, but with Palma Sleep’s high-quality natural mattresses, you can rearrange layers and meet the needs of your body.
  • • Ever wonder why your mattress comes wrapped in layers and layers of plastic? Why you’re advised to let the mattress air out in a well-ventilated room before you try and sleep on it? This happens because of the huge amounts of potentially cancer-causing chemicals that are used when making mattresses out of traditional materials. Palma Sleep’s mattresses are made out of natural latex that has been certified organic and is collected from sustainable sources. Our mattresses can also last twice or even three times as long as conventional mattresses, meaning fewer resources ending up in landfills.

When you need to be sure you’re going to get a great night’s sleep, choose a natural latex mattress from Palma Sleep in Orlando. You don’t have to drag yourself to a showroom to check out our amazing mattresses; we’ll come to you, set you up, and let you feel the difference that comes from a fully customizable, all natural sleeping experience.

Let your bed be a place you can relax and rejuvenate from the hectic nature of your busy day. Try an organic latex mattress from Palma Sleep and be better rested than you ever have been before. Call 888-510-4485 today!