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organic mattress port charlotteThe city of Port Charlotte in Florida has been called one of the best places to retire. The Tampa Bay Rays hold their spring training at Charlotte Sports Park, and the Charlotte Stone Crabs are a Class High-A affiliate of the team. While Port Charlotte was among the territories controlled by Europeans as early as 1819, it wasn’t until the 1950s that the area began to see development. After that, the community saw substantial growth. Getting plenty of rest is important for Port Charlotte residents, both retirees and younger workers. Latex mattresses in Port Charlotte help you get a good night’s sleep by making sure your body is properly supported. At Palma Sleep, we have the expertise needed to set up your mattress and get you a good, healthy night of sleep.

There are several features that make Palma Sleep’s natural latex mattresses some of the best in Port Charlotte.

    • • Many conventional mattresses ship in big plastic bags, and you are advised to unwrap them, then store them in a well-ventilated room before you sleep on them. This is because of the potentially hazardous chemicals used in manufacturing traditional mattresses. Palma Sleep’s natural latex mattresses are made without fillers or other harmful chemicals from certified organic latex rubber. This ensures that your sleep space is the healthy, restful environment it is meant to be.


    • • Everyone’s sleep needs are different, but traditional mattresses are created for averages. This is particularly noticeable when you share your sleep space with someone else on a regular basis; two people never have the same needs from a mattress. Some mattresses use hardware and metal bars to create customization, but aren’t comfortable. Palma Sleep’s natural latex mattresses can be customized by rearranging the internal layers. Not sure what order yours should be in? Our real-time pressure sensor will help you figure it out.
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    • • Sleep needs change over time. If you get injured, if you are diagnosed with a sleep disorder like sleep apnea, you may need to change the position and firmness of your sleep surface. Your injuries can heal more slowly, or even worsen, without proper support. With a Palma Sleep mattress, you can rearrange the layers to give you the sleep surface you need now, then change them again later when you’re in better health.


Getting a good night’s rest is important; Palma Sleep is dedicated to helping you get the sleep you need. Organic latex mattresses help Port Charlotte’s residents get the best night’s sleep possible. You don’t even have to come to a showroom; we will bring our mattresses to you so that you can rest and relax, figuring out the best way for your mattress to be arranged.

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