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organic latex mattress wellingtonLocated near Palm Beach in Florida, the village of Wellington is home to several nationally renowned events, a notable company’s corporate headquarters, and a wide variety of homes and businesses. With dozens of parks, equestrian events, and music and film festivals, residents in the village get to spend a great deal of time enjoying themselves. It’s no surprise, then, that they also need a good night’s rest to rejuvenate and experience the next day as well. A good night’s sleep helps the body recover from daily stress and injuries, and helps your brain form long term memories and release stressful experiences from the day. Good, restful sleep starts with a supportive mattress customized for your body and your sleeping positions. Finding a great, high-quality, organic latex mattress in Wellington is easy; it starts with contacting Palma Sleep.

If you want to have the best night of sleep possible, there are a few things your mattress needs to be.

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  • • Did you know that if you share your bed regularly, that you and your partner almost certainly do not need the same style of mattress? Someone is probably sleeping on a mattress that is terrible for their backs, knees, or shoulders. There are a few mattresses on the market that claim to be customizable, but they sacrifice comfort to offer this feature. Palma Sleep’s natural mattresses use foam layers in particular ways that help both bed partners feel exceptional all night long.
  • • Have you noticed that your old mattress came in a big plastic bag with instructions to air out in a well-ventilated room before you tried to sleep on it? This is because the materials the mattress was constructed from are often treated with harmful chemicals during production and shipping, and breathing in these chemicals can be dangerous to your health. Our mattresses at Palma Sleep are created from organic latex, meaning that you won’t be subjected to these potential carcinogens.
  • • Once you find the perfect mattress, you’re all set, right? Unfortunately, no. Sleep needs change over time, and the mattress that was just right can become just wrong after an injury, a diagnosis of a sleep disorder, or simple time. Palma Sleep organic mattress products use a pressure sensing sheet to give you information about how well the mattress is supporting you. Reorganizing the internal layers of foam can give you a bed that suits your needs, over and over.

How to Get a Latex Mattress in Wellington, FL

Give up the frustration of trying out bed after bed in showrooms while sales reps hover over you to see if you’ve chosen yet. There’s a better way to get a brand new, high-quality organic latex mattress in Wellington. Call Palma Sleep and let our mobile showroom come to you. That’s right! Right to your door, we can deliver a custom organic mattress in Wellington. We’ll help you find just the right mattress for your needs and make sure you’re feeling comfortable.

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