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organic mattress fort lauderdaleBetween residents and tourists, there’s a lot going on in Fort Lauderdale. Just north of Miami, the Florida city is full of people who work hard and play just as hard. Whether people work in the new downtown area or one of the high rises or are visiting for a week or a season, they need to rest well when they finally get to bed. A high-quality latex mattress in Ft. Lauderdale is key to a good night’s rest. But finding a mattress is frustrating. You need to tour showrooms where you lie on various beds for a couple of minutes and try to make a choice that will affect your life for years. Instead, work with Palma Sleep to choose a customizable organic mattress in Fort Lauderdale that will give you everything you need.

To give you a truly good night’s rest, a latex mattress must be certain specific things:

  • Customizable. A good mattress must be able to be customized. This is particularly important if your bed is regularly shared with someone else. Very few couples exist where both people have the same sleep needs; in a standard bed, someone isn’t getting the same quality sleep as their partner.

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    Other customizable beds exist, but they incorporate uncomfortable metal rails and other problematic features to make both sides of the bed comfortable for individual sleepers.

  • Adjustable. Over time, your sleep needs change. This is particularly true for athletes who may become injured during their activities. If you need to change your sleep pattern due to an injury or a diagnosis of a sleep disorder, for example, then you don’t want to have to buy a new mattress. This is especially true with an injury, where you may be able to return to regular sleep in a few weeks or months. Palma Sleep organic mattresses give you the information you need to adjust the internal foam layers and get the best possible sleep.
  • Organic. Ever notice how traditional mattresses have warnings to let them air out in a separate room for a while with the windows open? This is because of off-gassing, releasing potentially toxic chemicals that can threaten your help. You spend a third of your life on your bed; you should make sure that it feels safe and comfortable. Palma Sleep natural mattress products are made from organic latex that will protect your health.

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Don’t stress yourself out by traveling to many different showrooms and trying to find the right bed while a salesperson stares at you.

When you want to find a new latex mattress in Fort Lauderdale, call Palma Sleep at 888-510-4485. We’ll help you try our different mattresses and find just the right one for your sleep needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and go back to a better night’s sleep.

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