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organic mattress lake worthThe Florida city of Lake Worth is part of the Miami-Fort Lauderdale metro area, and has a destination downtown for both residents and visitors. Many of the buildings have historic significance, and there are numerous arts and cultural institutions in the area. Many parks and recreation areas round out life in Lake Worth. What all of this means is that residents of the area tend to work hard and play harder. After they’ve done all the things there are to do, they need a good solid night’s rest; to get that, they need a great mattress to relax on. Organic mattresses in Lake Worth are the beginnings of a solid night’s sleep that rejuvenates, heals, and relieves stress. Rather than visiting every local showroom trying to find the right natural mattress, let the mobile showroom at Palma Sleep come to you.

A good mattress is the foundation of your sleep. Being comfortable in your bed is a huge part of sleep hygiene and good rest. Restful sleep is a key to lifelong health and well-being. To get that good sleep, there are several things your bed must be.

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  • Organic. Conventional mattresses ship in plastic and have warnings to let them air out in a ventilated room because they are produced and shipped using harmful chemicals. Palma Sleep mattresses, on the other hand, are created using organic latex which does not use these potentially carcinogenic chemicals. You spend a third of your life in bed; don’t spend it with stuff that can make you incredibly sick.
  • Adjustable. Your sleep needs will change over time. Maybe you injure yourself and need to sleep differently while you heal. Maybe you are diagnosed with a sleep disorder and need to position yourself differently to sleep. Maybe you just find yourself more comfortable in a different position. Palma Sleep mattresses are great because their pressure sensors give you feedback on how the mattress is supporting your body, and the foam interior can be readjusted to meet your changing needs.
  • Customizable. It is very unlikely that you and your bed partner have the same needs from your mattress. There are other mattresses on the market which claim to be customizable, but they sacrifice comfort to make it happen. Palma Sleep’s organic mattress products are fully customizable on both sides, and remain just as comfortable as they would be if both sides were the same.

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Put your sleepless nights behind you and choose a great natural mattress in Lake Worth. When you work with Palma Sleep, you don’t have to deal with multiple showrooms and fancy show beds with sales reps standing over you asking about your comfort. We bring our mobile showroom to you and let you relax and get comfortable to see what works best for you. Call Palma Sleep today at 888-510-4485 for an appointment and get the best night’s rest you’ve had in years.