Organic Mattress Miami

organic mattress miamiThe port city of Miami has a lot going on. From the busy finance world to the cruise ship industry to television production, residents and visitors to Miami spend a lot of time on their feet. To keep going from day to day, getting a good night’s rest is important. Any sleep specialist will tell you that getting good sleep is a key part of waking up well, having plenty of energy, and staying healthy throughout your life. Getting a good night’s rest means being in a dark, cool place, turning off your electronics, and making sure your mind is peaceful; it also means having a comfortable mattress customized to your body. A good night’s sleep starts with a customized latex mattress in Miami. At Palma Sleep, we have the experience and tools needed to make sure that your mattress is exactly what you need to get rested and keep going.

To be really comfortable and promote great rest, mattresses need to have a certain number of important features.

    • • Standard mattresses often release a lot of gases that contain harmful, even cancer-causing chemicals. This is why many mattresses ship with a note to make sure they are stored in a well ventilated room before they are slept on. Palma’s mattresses are made with organic latex; no harmful chemicals to vent.


    • • Your mattress should be just right for your body. This is particularly important for couples, who may not each have the same sleep needs. Some mattresses on the market have two individually customized sides, but involve uncomfortable bars that raise and lower the mattress in artificial ways. Our mattresses are customized simply by rearranging the foam.

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    • • Your sleep needs change over time. If you are injured, for example, you will need to sleep differently while you heal, and your ideal positioning will change. Palma mattresses contain technology that offers you feedback on what would be the ideal arrangement for your mattress; this helps you get the best possible sleep.


Finding a great king size mattress in Miami can be a challenge. Shopping for mattresses is a frustrating experience; you wander around showrooms, lie down while sales reps stare at you, and try to pretend you’re comfortable on this bed without your blankets or your pillows. Instead of all that, let Palma Sleep find you just the right bed for your unique body and sleep needs. We also have mattress toppers, pillows, and bed frames available to customize your entire experience. Our mobile showroom will come to you so that you can try out our beds in comfort and relaxation. You can schedule an appointment by calling or using the scheduling form on our website.

Don’t spend another night on a mattress that isn’t made for your body; call Palma Sleep today at 888-510-4485.