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organic mattress palm beachWhether you live in Florida’s Palm Beach County year round or you visit West Palm Beach during the winter, the truth is that there’s a lot going on in the city. From gorgeous resorts to beautiful museums, and of course, access to fantastic water sports, people play hard in Palm Beach. And when people tire themselves out with excitement and exposure and exercise, they also need to rest hard to recuperate. Sleeping on natural mattresses in Palm Beach helps create the kind of restful sleep that maintains health and long-term success. Instead of visiting endless showrooms, contact Palma Sleep to have our sleep specialists come to you to customize your very own organic mattress in Palm Beach.

Mattresses are the foundation of high-quality rest, and rest is what lets our bodies heal, recharge, and recuperate. Restful sleep lets our brains learn and retain information, destress, and naturally relax and rejuvenate. To support restful sleep, there are three things a mattress must be:

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    • • Over time, sleep needs change. If an injury forces a side sleeper to sleep on their back for a while, for example, they need different postural support from their mattress. This maximizes healing and minimizes pain. But most people can’t afford to buy a new mattress that they will only use for a few months. Palma Sleep offers natural mattress products that can be adjusted based on information about how you are lying at night and where pressure hot points are for your body.


    • • If you regularly share your bed with someone, it’s unlikely that they have the same sleep needs that you do. Weight, body position, preferred sleep location, and other details all affect how you sleep. Some other mattresses on the market use metal bars to make beds customizable, decreasing their overall comfort. With Palma Sleep, we use differing organizations of our foam pads to give you exactly what you need.


    • • You spend a third of your life on your mattress. Do you really want a mattress made with chemicals that are potentially cancer-causing? There’s a reason that your old mattress came wrapped in plastic with a note to store it in a room with open air for a period of time before sleeping on it. Palma Sleep organic mattresses are made from organic latex made without harmful chemicals.


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Trying to find an organic mattress can be an ordeal. You drive around to various showrooms, like on show beds, and have sales reps stare at you while you try to make a decision that will affect your sleep for years to come. Instead of using old and outdated methods to choose a latex mattress in Palm Beach County, contact Palma Sleep. Palma Sleep delivers all over the USA, but for residents of Palm Beach County, we provide white glove in-home delivery and customization services. We will schedule an appointment to come to you, customizing your new Palma Sleep mattress right in own home, letting you test out our mattresses at your own comfort and where you can relax. We want you to get the best night’s rest you’ve ever had. Call us today to schedule an appointment at 888-510-4485.

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