Bedding and Mattress Care

Palma Sleep mattresses are an investment in the health and sleep of you and your family. Below, are instructions for how to clean a mattress, and mattress topper. Read through the guidelines and make your Palma Sleep GOLS/GOTS certified mattress last even longer with proper mattress care.

Mattress Care and Toppers

Most of Palma Sleep’s mattresses and the Luxury Mattress Toppers are spot clean only. We recommend you use Palma Sleep Mattress Protector to protect against spills and soiling, as well as to prevent fluids from seeping into the mattress.

Organic Sheet and Mattress Protector Pad Care:
Machine-wash these products and dry on temperatures up to medium/hot. It may take 2-3 wash/dry cycles before the sheets fully shrink down to size.