Why Palma Sleep for Athletes?

If you’re reading this, we assume you like to work out. Maybe you even track your nutrition, meal prep on weekends, and make time for foam rolling, too. But how well do you sleep?

While it’s easy to focus on what goes on in the gym, perhaps the most neglected facet of fitness takes place between the sheets. Catching adequate zzz’s is your best opportunity to recover from your workouts, repair muscle tissue and, believe it or not, make gains. Get a good night’s sleep, and studies show you’ll also improve your reaction time, muscle memory and motor skills (translation: ready to bring your A-game).

Recognizing athletes’ specific recovery needs, Palma Sleep has hit the lab to develop a mattress that’ll put in the work when it matters most.

Athletes Seek Out the Best Mattress for Sleep Recovery

Society is realizing how critical healthy sleep is to a healthy lifestyle. Especially in the fitness community, athletes are now more than ever focusing on maximizing recovery through better sleep. What makes a mattress ideal for an athlete? What is the best mattress for athletes? What needs to happen to an athlete’s body while they sleep for their muscles to heal faster? The answer is simple: it’s all about blood flow. The better your circulation, the faster oxygen in your blood stream flows through your muscles, which is key to recovery.

A lot of bedding companies have noticed the uptick in athletes searching to find a bed that can improve their sleep. Companies are quick to tout how their bed is great for athletes, specifically runners, triathletes, cross-fit athletes, etc. They like to point out their comfort layers, their unique foam and the way the foam is exceptionally shaped, how eggs don’t break when you drop one on their bed, and then throw up a stock photo of someone snowboarding in the background to drive their point home. The problem however is that almost every bed out there claiming to be the best bed for athletes cannot know your unique shape, your unique needs, or even what sport you play. They are all essentially claiming that their beds are comfortable, and if you’re comfortable on their beds you’ll sleep better and therefore run, bike, climb, lift, or jump faster.

Although that may very well be true, at the end of the day almost all of these companies are competing in a sea of sameness. That is of course, except for Palma Sleep, because Palma Sleep is changing the game.

What makes our claim for the best bed for athletes unique?

By taking away the pressure points on your body and keeping proper postural alignment during the night, this will ensure you maximize your circulation, thus maximizing recovery through sleep. And our bed offers athletes the ability to custom fit their bed to their unique shape and needs based on their individual training. We may not know what sport you play, but we know when you roll to your side and we can reduce pressure in your shoulder so your arm doesn’t fall asleep.

Is there such a thing as the worlds perfect running shoe that fits everyone equally? Runners know that of course there isn’t. Feet shape and size, intonation, and running strides all factor in when finding the right shoe. There is no perfect running shoe, but there is your perfect running shoe. So, is there one perfect bed with one feel that is perfect for everyone? Of course, not. We are all uniquely shaped. And athletes have bodies that are constantly in a state of change. Palma Sleep is not a one size fits all bed. It is a dynamic sleep surface that can use up to four Organic layers of natural latex designed for custom fit to whomever is lying down.